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Everyone’s rights

With rights come responsibilities. In Finland and Sweden, there are the broadest everyone's rights in the world. In the forests, one can move freely under... Read More "Everyone’s rights"

Jeju Haenyeo

"Haenyeo" is Korean for "sea women". These magnificent sea women, who live on the island of Jeju in South Korea, have been pioneering reform in... Read More "Jeju Haenyeo"

The Royal Shepherd’s Path

Tratturo Magno – footsteps of the shepherds. The Taiwan earthquake brought to mind a similar serious event in L'Aquila, Italy in 2009. Two years earlier,... Read More "The Royal Shepherd’s Path"

This too shall pass

Nothing lasts forever – neither good nor bad, nothing. This too shall pass. The Persian-origin quote has been cited numerous times – it was, for... Read More "This too shall pass"
Buluowan Suspension Bridge


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